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According to Gunnar, right before his parents separated, "my mom started drinking really heavily." He said, "She went to AA, but there were drunken battles that none of us will ever forget."Tracy Nelson, the eldest of the four children, is 47 years old. In 1968, when she was less than 5 years old, Tracy played one of Henry Fonda's daughters in the film . A month after the marriage Tracy was diagnosed with Hodgkins disease, a form of cancer.

She underwent surgery to remove parts of her liver and lymph nodes.

It was filled with accusations of profligate spending, poor parenting and drug abuse.

After Rick Nelson's death, young Sam was once again embroiled in a tug-of-war custody battle, this time between his mother and her brother, actor Mark Harmon.

A similar post was made about Buendia only four days before this post: Again, it’s anonynmous and allegations are unsubstantiated.

That’s not to say they’re false, but if you expect people to believe this, you need to provide some actual proof.

We talk television and you are invited to join the banter.

Music became their refuge from the stress and unpleasantness of their parents' bitter divorce.

In the fall of 1985, when they were 18 years old, due to issues with their mother, the brothers decided to move in with their dad.

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